Consecrated Life


Drawing insights from the Bible and the teachings of the Church, Dr John Sankarathil OSFS, in his book, Consecrated Life: God’s Own Signature, systematically presents the theology of consecrated life. Rich with biblical and theological inputs, the author posits consecrated people as resources that form the leaven for nations and thus become an inspiring presence in the world. The author prophetically interprets the evolving trends in consecrated life in the context of the Bible and Modern Theology and proposes his vision of consecrated life equipped with a mandate of credibility in our mission. He draws particular attention to the character formation of consecrated people and demonstrates how they can give witness to the Gospel values. Through brilliant and insightful analysis, he proposes a modern icon of consecrated life. He skillfully draws the reader into self-introspection and helps them find meaningful answers to fully savour the thrill of consecrated life. It is a handbook for every disciple of Christ in the modern world. ​


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