Hand Made Assorted Color Niches Crystal Rosary



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Death remains the final stage in our lives, Throughout history many cultures have given their dearly departed a final gift to see them off in the afterlife. By presenting  your loved ones with Rosary beads (buried with them or placed a Rosary on their niche) not only are you helping to offer their soul that last bit of protection you also allow the Rosary beads to guide and re-unite them with God Jesus and Mother Mary. When Princess Diana died she was buried with ivory Rosary beads.


NR181 Charcoal Graphite, NR182 Steel Grey, NR183 Silver Crystal, NR184 Golden Pearl, NR185 Turquoise Tinted, NR186 Champagne, NR187 Bluish Graphite, NR188 Light Brown, NR189 Glass Pearl, NR1810 Black Pearl, NR1811 Cream Pearl, NR1812 Red Blood