Assorted Sizes Pieta Resin Statues



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Although Michelangelo always maintained a strong connection to his Florentine roots, he found himself forced to move at the young age of twenty, following the tragic death of his mentor Lorenzo de’ Medici in 1492 and the shift into a theocratic Florence under the friar Savonarola, which prompted the Medici’s family exile in 1494. Soon-after his arrival to Rome in 1496, he carved a Bacchus for Cardinal Raffaele Riario; which was rejected upon completion. After a year of floundering in a new city without employment, Michelangelo received a commission that not only propelled Michelangelo into interminable fame, but also yielded one of art history’s most iconic images: the Vatican Pietà.


Color 9-1/2" Inches, White – 4-7/8" Inches, White – 7" Inches