Teen to Teen


Responding to Peers in Crisis

Teens are so in tune with the critical issues their peers face, but often they don’t know how to step in during a crisis. Teen to Teen is a comprehensive guide to peer ministry—a manual for training young people how to reach out and respond to peers who are at risk.

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Depression, suicide, substance abuse, teen sexuality, sexual abuse, and grief are weighty topics that are tough for teens to discuss. But this guide gives teens the tools to recognize the distress signals of peers in crisis, and it provides them with the language and skills they need to respond. The training helps young people discern when a situation warrants a referral to an appropriate adult and gives them the skills for seeking out adults who will step in.

The program also benefits the teens who are being trained by increasing their ability to deal with their own issues and crises. Through step-by-step, practical information on how to intervene in critical situations, this manual will help teens make a difference in the lives of their peers.

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